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Poking Fun at Yourself: A great way to deflect criticism

March 1, 2010


In my laughter seminars, I talk about the importance of being able to laugh at yourself.  It’s a great way to show humility and take yourself lightly.

As we saw at the Olympic closing ceremony, it’s also a great way to deflect criticism and acknowledge your mistakes.  I loved that VANOC made fun of itself for the opening ceremonies torch malfunction.  Having the clown jump out of the floor and pretend to pull up the arm was their way of recognizing that embarrassing moment 16 days earlier.


Poking fun at yourself takes the sting out of your blunders and disarms your critics.  It’s a light hearted way of admitting you’re human and getting the first, and in this case, the last laugh.

If VANOC can laugh at themselves in front of the whole world, surely you can manage a chuckle or two at your home or office.


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