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April 13, 2010

Mindsight is a must-read for anyone who wants to live a happier and more productive life. Through detailed explanations of the brain, Daniel J. Siegel shows how to change dysfunctional thoughts, and become more flexible and emotionally stable. He also shows how to use meditation to develop a special kind of lens, to see your mind clearly, which he calls “mindsight”.

Jonathon, a sixteen-year old high school teenager, had bipolar disorder when he first visited Dr. Daniel J. Siegel. This made it very difficult for him to maintain daily equilibrium and he often found himself exploding with rage. Instead of using antidepressants, which have numerous side-effects, Jonathon and his family decided to walk down the path of Meditation
and basic relaxation skills with Dr. Siegel to help Jonathon understand himself and live a happier life. Dr. Siegel describes the meditation technique and relaxation skills that he used on Jonathon also with explanations of how meditation affects our brains and help us change over time. After just a few weeks of therapy, Jonathon wrote this in his diary “I know this sounds lame, but my view of life is changed now” which shows the power of meditation to change our lives.

Not only has Dr. Siegel used this technique to help Jonathon, but he also helped a ninety-two year old man recover from cold childhood memories and start appreciating and caring for the people close to him. I found this an inspiring story because who would have thought that meditation could change the mind of an older individual.

Daniel J. Siegel has written Mindsight using simple language despite the complexity of the topic which makes this an easy read. The detailed description of the meditation technique and relaxation skills allows the reader to perform the same techniques at home.

After reading the book, I believe meditation should be practiced daily even if you don’t suffer from depression or other emotional or mental challenges. Meditation simply helps you reflect on and have a better understanding of yourself. It can also help you deal with personal and professional stress, keep balance in your life and be more productive. All in all practicing meditation will make you a better person; Dr. Siegel shows you how to meditate with ease.

See Dr Siegal talk about Mindsight with the Blue Man Group

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