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Finally Happiness at Work

July 8, 2010

When I did my MBA we took courses like strategy, finance and marketing.  The closest thing to a ‘soft’ subject was one on ‘ethics’ that wasn’t even a core requirement.  Today MBAs are being exposed to a wide range of personal development topics like Creativity and Personal Mastery taught by Srikumar S. Rao at Columbia. In his course, Rao asks his students to discover their unique purpose, creativity and route to happiness.  It’s about time and almost makes me want to go back to school.

I love the emphasis on individual goals and happiness at work because it didn’t exist when I started my career.  Now corporations, managers and researchers recognize the importance of passion at work for being engaged, managing stress and maintaining mental health.  The next step is to bring these topics into the workplace, like Google has, so employees can easily boost their happiness right in the office.

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