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Fast and Simple Stress Solutions

July 21, 2010

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Stress is meant to protect us from dangerous predators and situations. However today our stress response is triggered by less hazardous situations (e.g. deadlines, countless interruptions). Because these situations are constant, we never get the break needed for our bodies and minds to recover. As a result, stress can cause a multitude of problems, such as physical (cardio-vascular diseases), mental (depression), and behavioural (absenteeism) symptoms.

Here are some quick ways to reduce stress:

  • Stretch – Tension and stress build in your body throughout the day especially if you are sitting at a desk or working at a computer. Make a habit of getting up every hour to stretch your muscles, paying special attention to your wrists, arms and shoulders. Some of the benefits of stretching include increased energy, better circulation, reduced muscle tension, improved posture and relaxation. Stretching is easy and can be done almost anywhere.
  • Take a walk – Go for a walk even if it’s for only 5 minutes. It will get you away from your desk, give you an opportunity to view your stress/stressors from a different perspective and allow you to return to work with a fresh perspective. Besides the exercise will do you good.
  • Take a mental vacation– Give yourself a 10 minute mental vacation by imaging yourself on a real vacation. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve been there before simply guess what it would be like and dream away. Be sure to think of who you are with, where you are, what you are doing, and all the other fun details (e.g. weather, food etc.). Soon you’ll be away from your stress and return to work relaxed and with new energy.

These were only a few simple tips to help you. If you think more would help, take a look at our Stress busters eBook where we provide fast methods for handling stress.

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