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How to Boost Your Optimism

August 26, 2010

In last week’s blog, we took a look at Optimism in a great book by Adam Jackson called The Flipside. Here are a number of ways you can easily boost your Optimism.

1. Act “as if” you are optimistic. By looking for benefits, opportunities and even trying after failure, we will experience the same results as optimists and then start to feel optimistic (The Flipside, Jackson).

2. Express Gratitude. Gratitude fosters a glass half full approach and grateful individuals have higher levels of optimism (Emmons and McCullough, 2003). The next time something goes wrong, try to see the silver lining and consider the positive implications that may not be evident.  Remember it takes time to change a habit, as long as month, so be patient as you cultivate greater gratitude.

3. Assume the best. Visualize and imagine the best case scenarios as it will change how you approach the situation: it may increase the chances of a positive outcome.

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