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Quick Tips to Improve your Leadership Skills

September 8, 2010

1. Get a reality check. Get a clear vision of yourself, others, and the world. Find out who you are, what your colleagues think of you, and how you want to influence others. Finding out what others think of our leadership skills and our communication skills can be real surprise, and is often the most influential driver for change.

2. Listen, listen, listen. Listening is one of the supreme leadership skills regardless of your position. Good listeners are genuinely interested, articulate understanding, and find out what’s behind the conversation.

3. Include humour. Nobody likes to work in a serious, intimidating environment. People are more productive when they enjoy themselves at their workplace. Creating a workplace where fun and creativity is endorsed and encouraged can make a significant difference; it’s even more effectual when the leader takes part as it increases team spirit, and encourages people to see you as a part of the team rather than as the boss.

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