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Meditate like the Busy Person You are

September 9, 2010

I was asked to join a great group of women as they explore spiritual topics.  Since Monday night was only our second meeting, I suggested that we start each meeting with a guided mediation. This would ensure that we leave our stress, worry and busyness behind to be fully present. Luckily everyone agreed.

I then lead them through a 7 minute meditation focusing on the breath and relaxing our bodies from head to toe.  I wondered if I was the only one getting the benefits or if they would find it valuable as well.

Happily the group got great benefit from the meditation.  While everyone felt much more relaxed, one woman even reported that her rash wasn’t itchy.  They were all amazed at how such a short period of time could bring so much benefit especially since many of them never meditated on their own.

They simply reinforced what I have been talking about for ages. Meditation doesn’t mean going to a mountain top or becoming a Buddhist monk to be valuable. You can meditate like the busy person you are by following some simple guidelines:

  • Start with a really short period of time to make it easy (even 3 or 5 minutes) and gradually increase it.
  • Focus on the breath, mantra, chant or follow a guided meditation so you don’t have to worry about freeing your mind from all thoughts.
  • Go easy on yourself and recognize that a habit takes at least a month to create.
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