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Increase Your productivity – Drink Water

September 22, 2010

Keeping hydrated at work can augment your productivity. According to Eden Springs, drinking water is critical and here’s why:

  • Preserves Energy
    When the body is dehydrated by as little as 1-2 per cent physical performance declines by as much as 5-10 per cent, draining your energy and making you feel tired. When you feel thirsty that is a sign that you are already dehydrated. You want to drink enough water each day so you never get to the point of thirsty.
  • Boosts Mental functioning
    Dehydration leads to a deterioration of cognitive functions, such as short-term memory, ability to perform arithmetic, alertness and the speed of decision making.
  • Maintains Concentration
    Brain tissue consists of 85% water; when it is dehydrated the level of energy production in the brain decreases, reducing your ability to concentrate.

Add at least two more glasses of water to your intake daily and you’ll start to notice an immediate difference.

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