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Bringing more Balance and Joy into My life

September 23, 2010

In my July 2nd blog, I talked about bringing more joy and balance into my life so I could live more of la bella vita at home. I mentioned that I was planning on taking singing lessons in the fall.  Well its here and I am signed up at a local high school. I’m going to get my Glee on.

While I am really excited about starting, I’m fascinated by some of the thoughts that I’ve had in advance of the class:

  • What if I am not the best in the class?
  • What if my voice isn’t as good as I always thought?
  • What am I going to do with this new skill – join a choir, make a bad cd or leave singing voice mails for friend (probably much to their dismay)?

I then realized that all this thinking and analyzing was very left brain analytical. It actually defeats the purpose of doing this in the first place – for pure joy. In order for me to fully commit to the joy I simply need to be in the moment, put my thinking on hold and see what evolves. If nothing else, I will have fun and take another step toward la bella vita.

PS. Feel free to comment on what you are doing that brings you joy.

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