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Global circle-why, how, what

September 30, 2010

Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action has a simple but influential model for inspiring leadership all starting with a golden circle of why, how and what.

The question “Why?” is however, the most important for making a difference. He talks about Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers, arguing that Inspired Leaders, regardless of size and industry; think, act, and communicate thoroughly. They make sure their point is loud because people “don’t buy what you do; they buy Why you do it.”

He illustrates how every individual and organization knows what they do and how they do it but very few know the WHY for the “WHAT and HOW” . The leaders who inspire us think, act and communicate differently from everyone else. They are driven by the WHY  and not the WHAT,. They are also passionate about their purpose and beliefs and act accordingly. Apple and Dell produce more or less the same product line but no one buys or knows that dell mp3 exist plainly because the WHY factor is missing. Apple strongly believes in “thinking differently” while Dell doesn’t.

Once leaders know WHY, HOW brings their Why to life. How’s are the strategies, guiding principles or actions that inform the path they will take in quest of their WHY. These guiding principles are the road map or the code of conduct to start to move a Why into something useful and tangible. They are, quite literally, the actions companies take or the environment in which they work best. Focus on the big picture is key here.

WHY is ineffective if companies can’t make it tangible and that’s where the WHAT comes in. WHAT do you want to produce in term of product and or service that will inspire your customer in the same way the WHY inspires you. Apple and Dell produce more or less the same product line but no one buys or knows that dell mp3 exist plainly because the WHY factor is missing from the WHAT factor

Companies and individuals need to inspire people to do or buy what inspires them. Find your Why, How and What and inspire, lead and succeed. Be more innovative, more lucrative, command greater loyalties from customers and employees alike and, most importantly, be able to repeat your success over and over. You can be the one to change the course of commerce or even society.

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