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In honor of my mom – Susan Levin Woods

December 3, 2010

On Nov. 5, 2010 I finally cut my hair. My journey began in the summer of 2007 when my mom got sick with cancer and I decided to grow my hair for donation.

My Mom: Image Courtesy of Wendy Woods

After numerous chemo treatments that summer, my mom was affected like many others and lost all her hair.  It was a devastating and stark reminder that she was fighting a life threatening illness.  Fortunately she was able to afford a custom designed wig to exactly match her natural color as well as cut.  It was so perfect that if you didn’t know she was sick, you never would have guessed that beautiful hair wasn’t hers.

My mom’s wig helped her feel beautiful, and as normal as possible, at a time that was anything but.  I was so pleased that something seemingly so small could make such a wonderful difference. Her wig was a small link back to her life as a vibrant and healthy woman.

Me with my hair donation – finally!: Image Courtesy of Wendy Woods

The significance of my mom’s wig got me thinking. What about all the other women who couldn’t afford a great wig or even one at all?  How did they manage their hair loss and the dramatic change in their appearance?  Growing and donating my hair was one small way that I could contribute and help other women feel beautiful during treatment.

Three years later, when my hair reached the required length, I decided that Nov. 5th (the third anniversary of my mom’s passing) would be the day to make the cut.  I was so happy, and know my mom would have been too, that my sister joined me on such an important and emotional day.  Her presence meant so much to me and made me feel as if my mom’s spirit was in the salon with us.  Later that night I celebrated my donation with food, wine (yes lots) and wonderful friends.

My sister and I kidding around after the big cut: Image Courtesy of Wendy Woods

While my three year journey was over, there are many women with cancer who are just beginning theirs. Please consider making a hair donation (see hair requirements because it’s a contribution with a big beautiful impact.

Thanks so much Beth!

In honor of my mom – Susan Levin Woods
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  1. Beth Eisenberg permalink
    January 13, 2011 3:01 pm

    what a beautiful way to honor your mother and support other people going through this devastating illness.

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