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FlOW Program

F.L.O.W. ( Finding and Leveraging Organizational Wisdom) Program

The F.L.O.W. program is composed of three self and three interpersonal management sessions.  It is designed to give leaders critical skills to manage themselves and improve their interactions with others.  One-on-one coaching sessions support participant’s progress during the program.

Click the links below to find out more about each segment of the F.L.O.W program:
Self Management Sessions
Interpersonal Management Sessions
Concurrent Coaching

Self Management Sessions:

Standing in someone else’s shoes
Empathy, or the ability to stand in someone else’s shoes, is critical to understanding and getting along with others which ultimately leads to successful working relationships.  Key components of empathy are identified and explored.

Managing stress for greater productivity

Stress impacts concentration, relationships, and health resulting in lower productivity.  Understanding one’s stressors, vulnerability to stress and stress signals can lead to better stress management that leads to greater productivity.

Maintaining strong beliefs for success
Basic beliefs impact one’s ability to succeed and excel. Participants will experience how their beliefs hold them back or propel them forward.

Interpersonal Management Sessions:

Establishing strategic alliances within the organization
Success hinges on one’s awareness and leverage of strategic alliances within an organization.  Learn essential techniques for establishing, leveraging and maintaining alliances.

Bridging the communication gap
Understand yourself and then be understood effortlessly.  By identifying behavioural styles and their characteristics, participants understand their communication needs and how to communicate more effectively with their co-workers.

Creating a positive team environment

Whether you are part of an intact team or a working group, teamwork skills are critical to your success.  Learn how you can maximize your teamwork contribution and interaction.

Concurrent Coaching:
You can choose from 3 levels of coaching:

Option A – 1 *20 minute one-on-one tele-coaching session for each participant

Option B – 1 *30 minute one-on-one tele-coaching session for each participant

Option C – 2 *30 minute one-on-one tele-coaching session for each participant

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