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At Watershed we use three tools to help clients achieve their goals:

Forté Identifies an individual’s natural interpersonal communication style/strengths in four areas: dominance/non-dominance, extroversion/introversion, Patience/Impatience and conformity/nonconformity. From each individual’s primary profile Forté presents the environment each person needs to be self-motivated, a self-starter, effective and productive.  Learn each person’s top five self-motivators.

EQi measures “an array of non-cognitive (emotional and social) capabilities, competencies and skills that influence ones ability to succeed in coping it environmental demands and pressures”.  In essence it is what is commonly referred to as ‘street smarts’ or ‘common sense’.  The assessment is divided into 15 emotional competencies: emotional self awareness, assertiveness, independence, self regard, self-actualization, empathy, social responsibility, interpersonal relationship, problem solving, reality testing, flexibility, stress tolerance, impulse control, happiness, optimism.

Emotional Power
The 3-D Emotional Power report is a business based adaptation of the outstanding research conducted by Dr Reuven BarOn.  This report divides the 15 emotional competencies for the EQi into an easily understandable 3 part model: Ability to reflect on self (e.g. self awareness, self regard), Ability to relate to others (e.g. empathy, interpersonal relationships) and ability to respond to the world (e.g. flexibility and stress tolerance).

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