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Gen Y Corner

Our Gen Y to Gen X dictionary II

September 17, 2010


by Halima Iqbal

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 Here are more Gen Y dictionary of terms as promised.   

  • LI – LinkedIn
  • OH – overheard
  • TY – thank you
  • FB – Facebook
  • FWD – forward
  • GN/GN8 – good night
  • BBS- Be back soon
  • BBT: Be back tomorrow
  • OMG: Oh my God!
  • OOTO: Out of the office

Look out for more terms soon.  

Our Gen Y to Gen X Dictionary I


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Having trouble understanding your employees? We understand that their text messages and emails can be cryptic at best. So we’ve decided to help you out with our Gen Y dictionary of terms. We will add more terms as time goes on.      

Brb – Be right back      

Lol – Laugh out oud      

Rofl – Rolling on the floor laughing      

Tyt – Take your time      

Cya – See you soon      

G2g – Got to go      

Sik – That is cool      

Gr8 – Great      


Gen Y Expects!

August 30, 2010


by Morgan Cook

Currently, Gen Ys (1981 – 2000) are in the process of completing their post-secondary education and planning their careers. What are their expectations? Can their dreams become reality? Let’s take a look at some common career expectations of my generation:      

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Great Benefits

In my previous article, How do you keep employees happy? Ask Google, I outlined a scenario of the current Google employee and the great benefits that they had available to them. Nowadays, Google isn’t the only one with great benefits. According to the latest company rankings of CNN’s Fortune 500, 1000 other organizations are incorporating benefits that were unheard of in the past. For example, Microsoft has expanded its campus to include 5.5 million square feet of office space. This gives employees larger offices and gets them out of uncomfortable cubicles. In addition, FedEx has also taken steps in the right direction with its strong no-layoff policy and promotion from within (90% of FedEx Express managers worked their way up).       

Enjoyable Workplace Environment      

According to Gen Y’s Green Demands for the Workplace, the Gen Ys joining the workforce are unlikely to be content with the stereotypes of the average office: shared assignments, boring cubicles, and windowless spaces. They would rather work in an environment that is flexible yet collaborative and productive yet unconventional. Great strides have been taken by our older generations to make workplaces more comfortable and approachable for Gen Ys. For example, Qualcomm (a wireless telecommunications company) offers an onsite primary-care clinic for their employees’ children.        

 Single Career      

Ideally, a single career based upon educated specialization is what Gen Ys hope for. However, a person can expect to have 5 – 7 career changes within his/her lifetime. This means, trying to plan an entire career is too difficult and often highly unrealistic. That is not to say that Gen Ys shouldn’t set any career goals. But, there should be some leeway and expect the unexpected. The best bet is for Gen Ys to foster an attitude of learning in order to adapt and achieve success in the job market.       

Bottom Line: Gen Ys expect to have great benefits and a fun office environment. But, while I hope to stay with one career, I realize that I must learn continually so that I can walk the path that will give me the greatest satisfaction.      

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