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10 Ways to Improve Office Morale

May 18, 2010

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  1. Thank everyone each time they help you out. Gratitude takes only 30 seconds but lasts for days; a worthwhile investment.
  2. Share a laugh with a co-worker. There is nothing like a good laugh to reduce stress and improve relationships in the office.   Some easy ways to do this include: creating a humour board at work or including a funny video or cartoon in a meeting or at a presentation.
  3. Celebrate birthdays. Remember people’s birthdays or have a party for everyone who has a birthday in that month.
  4. Spend time with co-workers. Be present and seen around the office. Make sure to visit everyone at least weekly to say hello and ask about their work and life outside the office. This helps reinforce the relationship and will pay dividends in many ways.
  5. Create a “Got you” jar. Have employees place a quarter or dollar every time they mention that certain buzzword, social media site or reality show. Use the money for an activity or on something enjoyable outside the office.
  6. Acknowledge your coworkers’ accomplishments. Whether it’s telling them they did a god job or sharing their accomplishments with others, everyone likes to get a pat on the back.
  7. Create a relaxation zone. This is an enclosed area in which employees can take a 5 minute break to de-stress interruption free.
  8. Be honest. A culture of honesty and sharing builds a community, which in turn embraces its members both socially and emotionally.
  9. Acknowledge mistakes. Be open about slip-ups and failures. Co-workers will see you as human and relate better to you.
  10. Provide rewards or perks. Money doesn’t motivate. If it did, why do so many people take pay cuts to do a job they enjoy? Instead, give more emotionally intelligent rewards, such as free lunch or more time off.
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