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Simple Steps for Creating a Great Relationship with your Boss

July 28, 2010





  1. Understand their goals so you can help them succeed.  This may involve asking what their goals are so you can be aligned with them. They’ll appreciate your desire to support them.
  2. Meet regularly. Even if it’s for only 10 mins, it gives you an opportunity to touch base and get your questions answered.  Make sure you prepare the agenda and put the meeting in his/her schedule.
  3. Manage their problems. The more you can help them deal with problems, the more invaluable you’ll become.
  4. Give them positive feedback. Let them know when they have done something that is helpful or valuable for you (e.g. filling you in on a weekly meeting, giving you greater authority or responsibility)
  5. Let them know what you are working on. Bosses often have so many things on the go they often forget everything you are working on. Give them a quick update to let them know you have everything under control.  It will also help them see how hard you are working
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